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Stupavsky Maraton - Pozsony - 2016. 07. 30.

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Fantasztikusan jó verseny volt. Pont az, amire számítottam. Jövőre is biztosan ott leszünk. Jó szervezés, rengeteg egynyomtávos ösvény, sok árnyék.

A szervezőknek írtam is egy kis értékelést, idebiggyesztem, ha valakit érdekelnek a részletek. Bocsi, angolul van, most lusta vagyok fordítani:


Yesterday was my first Stupavsky Marathon on 76 km, and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you and your team. Overall the race was really great and I loved it. Below, I have gathered the things I really liked and some things that might be useful for consideration in the future.
What I liked:
- Super easy on you multilingual website
- When I wrote an email to you asking about credit card payment, you response was super fast
The start area was very well organized, the infrastructure was good:
- good parking lot, close to registration,
- no long lines at registration
- easy drinking water access, helpful staff
​- sufficient number of well-equipped toilets
- good showering facility (the water was cold but that was actually refreshing) (sponsorship tip: maybe get Nivea, Axe or others to hand out small shower gel samples at the shower. Great advertising opportunity for them, good sponsorhip money for you and gel for me :)
- good number of bike wash boxes
- great instant sms service with race results
The track was just as I expected. I first saw this video in 2011 and wanted to go to Stupavsky ever since. This year I finally made it and it was everything I was expecting from the video:
- great, wide start road, good warm up section in the beginning
- Super amount of singletracks (maybe you should put this in the marketing material, because I rarely see this high percentage of single track in marathon tracks)
- good climbs, good descents, no ridiculous hillclimbs where pedalling is impossible. 
​- It's very good that 90% of the track runs in the shady forests, yesterday that saved me from total heat exhaustion
- very low percentage of asphalt roads
- refreshment zone staff was very helpful, food, drink was sufficient, tools accessible
- bonus point for the stream crossing at the end, I had a good laugh and it was refreshing
Some improvements for your consideration (most of it doesn't require cash investment)
- I registered for an L T-Shirt but got an M, whic is too small for me.
- Although most of the track was well marked, with assistants at several intersections there were some turns where you could get lost. I actually saw a guy go straight at a "Y" intersection near the 10th km where he should have turned left. I tried to call him back but he didn't hear me so I guess he gathered several extra kilometers. I also know of another Hungarian guy, who also got lost, adding some 10-15 kms to his track. Also there was the part where you exited the forest through a gate on a fence, and entered a meadow, in the middle of the meadow there was a "Y" intersection, but no signs, so I just guessed the right direction. Luckily I guessed good.
- It's a common lack of information at marathons that refreshment zone staff do not know how many kilometers to the next zone. This is important information, because you make food and fluid intake decisions based on this.
- When I finished the race 15:40, all the refreshments at the finish line were gone, I just saw empty refrigerators and lots of empty bottles. My friend who finished earlier told me that it was free for all, and the bottles were quickly gone. Maybe staff could hand out the bottles so only racers get the refreshments.
- I also didn't get the goulash I registered for, because there was only risotto left. I hear I guy in front of me ask for the vegetarian food he registered for, but he also could not get any.
- I can't find the detailed race results on you website. I see the results from 2015.




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Emlékeztető! Ma van a kedvezményes nevezés határideje.




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  • 2016, április 30-ig – 15 € / (450 CZK)
  • 1.5. 2016 - 26.7. 2016 – 20 € / (600 CZK)
  • személyesen jelentkezésnél a start napján – 25 € / (750 CZK)


  • Útvonal  A - 105 km  / 2850 m emelkedő (egy kör)
  • Útvonal  B -   76 km /  1850 m emelkedő (egy kör)
  • Útvonal  C -   42 km /   900 m emelkedő (egy kör)
  • Útvonal  D -   25 km /    480 m emelkedő (egy kör)
  • Útvonal  E -   16 km /    350 m emelkedő (egy kör) !!! EGYKEREKŰ !!!

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